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The Special training/ Education Department of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba was founded in Havana in March 1998 under the direction of Alicia Alonso. The teaching staff is comprised by maitres and professors of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, and other dance experts, all of recognized international prestige, which convey a work experience in the field of dance.

Its primary aim is to instruct both, students and ballet teachers, in  techniques,  methodology, style and  interpretative concepts of the Cuban School of Ballet, developed by the Cuban ballet for many years, as well as in other related subjects. The Cuban School of Ballet  imparts the universal language of ballet technique and  is the expression of the idiosyncrasy and aesthetics of the Latin American culture, which is rooted in the general ethnic and cultural characteristics of the Ibero American and Caribbean peoples.
The Special Training/Education Department of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba has four fundamental work lines:

  • Training for foreign students of the intermediate and advanced levels and for Ballet teachers
  • International Ballet workshops
  • Vocational Ballet workshops for children and youths between five and sixteen years of age
  • Ballet staging for children in schools and ballet academies


Held at the permanent headquarters of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba in Havana, classes are available throughout the year – with the exception of the last 15 days of the month of August -  and for the term  the applicant considers appropriate.  Classes of theoretical-practical preparation are  structured in modules or punctual  subjects. The price for  a 4 weeks module  structured  with Ballet classes  ( five frequencies per week),   Body conditioning ( three frequencies   per week) ,  Pointe, ( two frequencies per  week) , Variations  ( three  frequencias per week)   is 350.00 CUC and the same module for 2 weeks  is 230.00 CUC.  Methodology and  History of Dance  among others, can be considered  as complementary subjects with an additional  price.   ( CUC is Cuban convertible pesos)

For registration, the applicants  must have no less than three years of previous ballet training, be 18  years old or more. Otherwise, they must travel and stay with a responsible adult. The students can travel with a 30 days  tourist visa. For that  we have to receive the enclosed  application form   at least  30 days prior to the  date of arrival. If the students  want to stay for a longer period of training, once in Cuba,   they  must ask for a change in his migratory status, an extension of the visa and a temporal ID. This coordination costs 80.00 CUC. It is also required  a letter from the last ballet  institution attended certifying their academic  results, discipline and social behavior.

The students MUST also travel with a medical and dental insurance with validity in Cuba.
For further information, please contact the cuban insurance agency ASISTUR, email: yelaine@asistur.cu

Accommodation must be done at hotels or cuban family houses authorized to rent rooms to foreign students.

At the end of the training period, a certificate is extended.


International Ballet  Workshops of two, three or four weeks long are also offered for ballet students, teachers or specific groups. The workshops can be held at educational or artistic institutions of other countries.   These workshops are structured according to  age and  training  level of the enrolled students. The subjects may vary to meet the interests of the institutions requesting them.    Diplomas are awarded at the end of the training period.
The  International Workshops have been offered at Valencia ( Spain ), Oaxaca, Mexico D.F., and Pachuca
( Mexico)


The Vocational Workshop was created in 1999 with the main objectives of extending the teaching of ballet to children and young students between five and sixteen years old interested in ballet without establishing for them strict physical or aptitude requirements.

Among their particular objectives, the following can be mentioned:

  • To promote the liking for ballet as well as its appreciation level

  • To contribute to the physical, psychological, intellectual and artistic development of the enrolled students

  • To contribute to the vocational realization of this population group

Classes are imparted from Monday to Friday from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm in the studios of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba. They are structured in groups by ages and levels with two weekly frequencies for the students enrolled in the preparatory courses ( between five and seven years of age), and three weekly frequencies for the students of the remaining groups. Complementary, classes of Body Conditioning are offered to those students between 8 and 9 years of age. The course begins in the month of September and ends in the month of June. At the end of the academic period, performances are carried out in which all the students participate.


The Special training / Education Department also offers advisory in the staging of ballets for children from ballet schools. Experienced choreographers and teachers have staged the following ballets, among others: Snow White, Aladin, Hansel and Gretel and The tin soldier.

These activities are organized under a contract signed by the Ballet Nacional de Cuba and the concerned institution.

For further information, please address to:

Cátedra de Danza
Ballet Nacional de Cuba
Calzada No. 510 e/ D y E, El Vedado, La Habana, Cuba
Phone:  (537) 832 4625/ 833 1449 /   Fax: (537) 8 33 3117
E-mail: catedradedanza@cubarte.cult.cu

Registration form for foreign students

Full name (According to the passport):
Telephone number:
Passport number:
Date of issuance:
Date of expiration:
Date of birth:
Years of ballet training:
Mark  with an X the ballet level you consider to register
__elementary                      __intermediate
__advanced                        __teacher
Date of arrival:
Airline and flight number:
Period you will stay in Cuba:
Ballet school you have studied ballet:

The Department has developed four fundamental projects:

1) Training courses for intermediate, advanced students and ballet teachers
2) International ballet workshops
3) Vocational ballet workshop
4) Staging of  ballets for children



Miriam Vila . Directora
Catedra de Danza(Profesores):
  • Alejandro Sené
  • María Eugenia Rojas
  • Juan Torres
Taller Vocacional:


  • Amelia González
  • Vilma García
  • Lázaro Fernández
  • Indira Pardo
  • Victoria Castellón
  • Aidolet Gómez
  • Isabel Portuondo
  • Ariel Pérez
  • Sandra Alfonso